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Congressman John Duncan

Representing the 2nd District of Tennessee

Duncan: War Money Could Pay for Entire Highway Bill

July 9, 2015


Mr. Speaker:

David Keene for 27 years headed the American Conservative Union and is now Opinion Editor of the Washington Times.

Last month he wrote that as a result of our wars and attempts at nation building in the Middle East there “is a generation of young Americans who have never known peace; a decade in which thousands of our best have died or been maimed with little to show for their sacrifice, our enemies have multiplied and our national debt has skyrocketed.”

Now we are about to spend $82 billion in the OCO account for our unnecessary wars and nation building in Iraq and Afghanistan and other parts of the Middle East.

This is over and above our regular defense budget.

This 82 billion would more than pay for next-year’s highway bill which everyone on both sides say they want.

Lets stop trying to foolishly rebuild the Middle East and start rebuilding America.

Lets bring all those hundreds of thousands of jobs home.