Richard Cohen writes for the Washington Post and Lanny Davis writes for The Hill

Mar 17, 2016
What Two Leading Liberal Columnists Say About the Chicago Protests

Richard Cohen:

"If Nathaniel Lewis is not careful he's going to get Donald Trump Elected. Lewis was one of the organizers of the demonstration in Chicago that closed down a Trump campaign event....But while the protesters are entitled to make their case, so is Trump. If they have free speech, so does he. A silent protest is one thing; a mass attempt to shout him down-in other words, to silence him-is something else entirely. The response is often violence."


Lanny Davis:

"When I read about the Chicago protesters last week cheering after Donald Trump canceled his campaign rally as a result of their efforts, I knew a lot of anti-Trump Democrats were also happy. But my first reaction? Ouch. As these protests against Trump inevitably continue, I believe those of us who are progressives and are offended by the GOP front-runner's bigoted and hateful language should worry about conduct that ends up thwarting First Amendment rights-his as well as that of his audiences. I especially fear attempts to disrupt or shut down Trump's rallies could end up achieving the near-impossible: making Trump look sympathetic."